Handgemalte Reproduktionen nach Paul Klee


We could increase our sales if we were to accept "Payment on Account". At the same time we have had some defaults, which offset the higher sales by a large margin, not to mention the anger and effort required for reminders, etc.

It happens quite often that customers order the paintings and then do not or cannot pay. So what can one do? Meanwhile, I have already stopped getting annoyed about the great stories that one hears.

I, for my part also have to pay in advance for the most services, should also be mentioned for the sake of completeness.

We are a small company and want to remain so for various reasons, therefore, the only option for us unfortunately is the "Payment in advance".

I run the shop not only for a livelihood but also because it is fun and I am happy when my customers are satisfied with our goods. You would understand that we would also take money (in advance) for this effort and for that I thank you in advance.