Handgemalte Reproduktionen nach Paul Klee

Original Sizes

I have thousands of paintings listed and illustrated in my online shop and in the painter galleries. For the sake of simplicity, I have given the prices for six standard sizes.

The ladies and gentlemen painters have however naturally not kept my standard dimensions and painted their paintings in all possible dimensions. Some of the pictures are huge, some tiny, some oblong or some square.

Not everyone has a castle where a monumental, meters-long painting can be hung. Modern living rooms rarely have a format of a Knight's hall. As such, we will adapt your selected image to your circumstances.

Sometimes a frame is already available and then we paint the picture in the specified dimension. There, a little bit can be cropped or can be painted on the frame. In any case, we can paint your picture in exactly the format as you wish.

The aspect ratio of the original will be preserved both left and right, in such paintings.

What is the price of the painting with such special dimensions? As a guide, the price of the next larger standard size, in which the painting would fit in its original aspect ratio, will be applicable.

Write to me now your questions using the contact form and I'll promptly make you a binding offer!