Handgemalte Reproduktionen nach Paul Klee

Delivery time

I am pleased to say that my customers have been consistently very satisfied with the quality of our paintings. I offer only the best quality. In fact, one of our best works, "Deer at the Lake" is highly demanded by many clients.

We keep our company small and manageable. We do not deliver hundreds of paintings in a month, unlike many of our competitors. We wait for about a week or a few orders to manage and place all the works together.

All paintings are custom-made and are hand painted by academically-trained painters. These specialists also have orders from other dealers. As such your painting has to be in the queue. It may take a few days of waiting.

When the painting is finished, it needs a few more days for the oil paint to be dry enough for packing. A few more days are required by the courier for shipping. Overall, it adds up to a delivery time of 3 - 4 weeks time which is sufficient for quality control and good service.

In rare and unexpected cases of phenomenal events (e.g. volcanic eruptions) or shipping problems (e.g. wrong shipping), it may take a few days longer for the delivery adjustments. Thank God, these things rarely ever happen!

In case there is any delay in the delivery, I am grateful for your patient indulgence.