Handgemalte Reproduktionen nach Paul Klee

Copy Rights

At the very beginning of our operations, I had, out of ignorance and stupidity, offered reproductions of images which were still under copyright (It were btw some of Paul Klee :). This has made us face a trial, which we naturally lost. It ended up costing us a lot of money.

Therefore, in our online store, you will only find pictures that are no longer protected by copyrights. These are paintings by artists who died more than 70 years ago.

If you want a reproduction of an image on which the copyrights still exists, then there is a possibility to request a license to reproduce from the painter himself/herself, if he/she is still alive, or his/her heirs, or a collecting society that represents the heirs. However, this is tedious. In many cases the artists or their heirs are not interested in such peanuts.

In my opinion, copyright, as it exists today, is a joke and its implementation is madness. There are works being protected that are gathering dust somewhere in a vault or existing gloomily behind the closed doors of a wealthy collector.